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  • 50000平方米厂房规模


    After 5 years of experience accumulation, in order to give our employees, customers and suppliers who have supported us for many years a better prospect for development, we moved to a 50,000 square met...

    2019/03/25 MORE
  • 精益生产管理体系


    Lean production management reform, technological innovation, marketing service mode innovation, service concept innovation, on the new platform of arnosy, to achieve greater cooperation and win-win for...

    2019/03/25 MORE
  • 通过ISO、NSF、CE等认证


    Arnosy's products have passed ISO, NSF, CE and other certifications, and all products are manufactured in strict accordance with the international quality standard system.

    2019/03/25 MORE
  • 30个工程师研发部门


    Establish an independent r & d department, with a number of senior technical engineers, adhere to product design innovation, keep pace with The Times, constantly research and development of new tec...

    2019/03/25 MORE
  • 10000平方米机械加工车间


    Product processing workshop covers an area of up to 10,000 square meters, with more than advanced mechanical equipment, the introduction of advanced automated production lines, greatly improve the prod...

    2019/03/25 MORE
  • 300吨每月铸造生产能力


    Master the core technology, high production efficiency, casting production capacity reached the level of 300 tons per month, can meet the needs of large quantities of customers, products before leaving...

    2019/03/25 MORE
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