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Release time: 2019-03-15

1. The characteristics of a single faucet

If your kitchen area is not big, so the choice of a single faucet is the most appropriate, only with a handle to adjust the water temperature and water output, very convenient. Single faucet is mainly divided into desktop single faucet and single pull type faucet.

(1) table sheet faucet is more common in the kitchen, a handle makes the operation becomes very simple, fluctuation left and right sides is adjusted can adjust current size and water temperature discretion, very practical.

(2) the biggest advantage of single pull type faucet is that it can more easily clean the edges and corners of the kitchen interior, as well as the places beyond the reach of ordinary faucet, which expands the cleaning area and brings convenience to the kitchen cleaning.

2. Features of double taps:

This kind of faucet relatively single faucet occupied a bit area more, but the function is powerful, can enjoy cold water and hot water respectively in the first time, more practical and beautiful.

(1) table double faucet: the hole position on the kitchen basin determines whether this faucet can be used, so it is best to use supporting products, two handles to control the cold and hot water respectively. If your home had a child, so the design of this kind of faucet is more safe, the sort of cent does not divide cold, hot water and cause hot thing to be able to avoid as far as possible.

(2) hang wall type faucet: but according to be fond of, optional collocation is different type hutch basin, and made full use of the wall body of hutch basin upper part, saved a space already, very beautiful again. However, due to the domestic architectural design is rarely used in the kitchen waterway hidden, maintenance will be relatively difficult, the main reason is that all the water pipes are buried in the wall.

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