How does faucet manufacturer prevent faucet leak

Release time: 2019-03-15

The kitchen faucet in the home will leak after a long time, if you want to change a new kitchen faucet will spend a lot of time, so the faucet manufacturers tell you, how to prevent the kitchen faucet leakage, not only can protect the faucet, but also can solve the common problem of water leakage in life.

1. The joint of the joint is leaking: generally speaking, the cap nut is loose. You can fasten the cap nut again or replace it with a new u-shaped seal.

2. The cause of water leakage in the lower gap of the faucet bolt: it is caused by the wear of the triangular sealing pad in the gland. You can loosen the screw to remove the bolt head, then loosen the gland to remove the gland, and then remove the inner triangle gasket of the gland and replace it with a new one.

3. Wear of the bearing gasket in the faucet: loosen the gland gland with pliers and remove it. Remove the bearing gasket with a clamp and replace it with a new bearing gasket.

It seems simple to repair the faucet. Many parts and details deserve our attention. For example, when repairing the faucet, it is necessary to close the water inlet valve first and remove the wrench from the handle without scratching the metal. When the faucet is opened, the spool or shaft rotates in the same direction as the rotation. Pay attention to whether the washer is flat or slanted when replacing the washer. Buy the same washer and replace it. After securing the new washer to the spool, reinstall the assembly into the faucet and rotate clockwise. Do not scratch the metal, and finally reset the handle and the button, open the faucet to see if the water leakage. Then the tap drips.

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